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                        KanHoo Today

                        Main Areas

                        • Jiangmen Kanhoo Industry Co.,Ltd.


                          Cathode materials for lithium ion batter, Rare earth luminescent material, LED luminescent material

                        • Yingde KanHoo New Energy Technology Co., Ld.


                          Cathode materials for LIB, catalytic materials

                          • Jiangsu KanHoo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.(Branch)

                            Intelligent equipment for LIB, cathode materials for LIB

                        • Shenzhen Haoneng Technology Co., Ltd.


                          Coating equipment for LIB, Optical film coating & laminating equipment, Water treatment reverse osmose (RO) membrane coating equipment

                          • Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone Haoneng Technology Co., Ltd. (Branch)

                            Intelligent high-end equipment

                          • Dongguan Jiuzhou Haode New Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. (Branch)

                            LIB production equipment

                          • Huizhou Delong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (Branch)

                            LIB production equipment, mechanical & electrical products, machinery and metal products

                          • Shenzhen Haoneng Times Technology Co,. Ltd. (Branch)

                            Software & system development for coating equipment

                          • Shenzhen  Zhihui Yide Energy Equipment Co,. Ltd.(Holding company)

                            LIB production equipment

                        Other Domains

                        The LED Industry

                        • Hangzhou Firefly New Material Co., Ltd.

                          Holding company

                          LED luminescent materials

                        • Shenzhen Huaxia L&C Co., Ltd.

                          Joint venture

                          LED video display solutions for various indoor & outdoor applications

                        • Shenzhen Lianteng Technology Co., Ltd.

                          Joint venture

                          Customized LED video screens and lighting engineering for outdoor applications

                        • Guangdong Nanfang New Vision Media Technology Co., Ltd

                          Joint venture

                          Outdoor LED media advertisement

                        The Pharmaceutical Industry

                        • Rivocean Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

                          Joint venture

                          Pharmaceutical intermediates

                        • Guanzghou Guangzheng KanHoo Investment Management Partnerships (Limited Partnership)

                          Joint venture

                          Pharmaceutical intermediates

                          • 1552102949(1).png

                            Jiangsu Alpha Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(Joint venture)

                            Medical intermediates for cardiovascular disease

                          • 1552102967(1).png

                            Nanjing Gritpharma Co., Ltd..(Joint venture)

                            Antitumor drug, liver disease immunotherapy, targeted drug, anti-HBV drug, anti-HIV drug etc.

                        Other Industry

                        • Purification &catalytic material
                        • Organosilicon material

                        The Environmental Protection

                        • Shanghai CEEF New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

                          Joint venture

                          VOCs purification catalyst,molecular sieve adsorbing material

                        • Guangdong Keminghao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

                          Joint venture

                          Environmental protection technology service and engineering, operation service for VOCs treatment facilities

                        Venture Capital

                        • Guangdong Yueke Hongrun Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

                          Joint venture

                          Venture capital investment

                          • 1552102903(1).png

                            Zhuhai Lcola Technology Co., Ltd.(Joint venture)

                            Intelligent charging stations for electric vehicles

                          • 1552102915(1).png

                            Guangdong Leadshow Display Products Co.,Ltd.(Joint venture)

                            Comprehensive solution for high-end brand shows

                          • 1552102929(1).png

                            Guangdong Leadshow Display Products Co.,Ltd.(Joint venture)

                            Comprehensive solution for high-end brand shows

                          • indimg4.jpg

                            Guangzhou Super-Dragon Engineering Plastic Co. Ltd.(Joint venture)

                            Engineering plastics, modified plastics

                        Modern agriculture

                        • Jiangmen Urban Vegan Technology Co., Ltd.

                          Joint venture

                          urban agriculture

                        • Guangdong Kemingrui New Material Co., Ltd.

                          Holding company

                          The light-conversion materials

                        • Guangdong Cheminno Technology Co., Ltd.


                          Science & technology incubator, makerspaces

                        KanHoo WeChat Official Account


                        Address:No.22 Jiao Xing South Road, Jiao Tou, Jianghai District, Jiangmen, Guangdong, China

                        Fax : 0750-3863818

                        Mailbox : hr@keheng.com.cn

                        Zip code : 529040

                        Website : www.keheng.com.cn

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